Clark's Story as an Aging Senior with Aging Life Care Consultants in Indiana

With no family to turn to, Clark needed a partner to help him feel ready to take on the challenges in his life.

60-year old Clark had a few cards stacked against him on his aging life transition. He was single, living alone with no family or close friends. He is on the autism spectrum and is a hoarder. After a routine check-up with his doctor, he discovered he developed prostate cancer and had no idea what to do next. He already had a difficult time caring for himself and didn’t know how he would be able to take on the upcoming challenged he would face. With no one else to go to, Clark reached out to his banker, Jim, for advice. When Jim learned Clark had no legal documents in place, he referred him to a reputable elder law attorney who agreed to serve as his healthcare and financial power of attorney.

I met Clark through his new power of attorney. He needed a partner to help him through this journey more than anything, and I knew I could be that for him. I assisted in navigating his cancer treatment and accompanied him to medical appointments. I made sure to send written reports summarizing the appointments to the POA for consistent documentation that would be helpful in the future. I found a company that would help Clark clean out his house that were trained to work with hoarders, and while that process was taking place, I searched with Clark for a few agreeable Independent Living Communities. Once he was ready to move out, we found an elder moving company who helped him identify what personal items to move to his new apartment. He told me once he settled in that he felt ready to take on the challenges brought on by his cancer and prepared to live a healthier life.

Many seniors don’t have family or close friends to depend on as they age for one reason or another, but this doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Aging Life Care Consultants can provide the support and guidance you’re looking for. Our expertise helps us create unique solutions to fit the lives of each unique senior, and our connection to local resources assures we’ll find you the best care. For more information, please call us at (317) 300-5454 or enjoy our other client stories.

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