Our team of professional Aging Life Care Managers® serve the Indianapolis, Indiana, community. We help families navigate healthcare, manage dementia or Alzheimer’s, mobility issues, disabilities or other challenges coupled with aging or disability. We are consultants that help coordinate options for care and do not provide hands-on care. We do help find hands-on care if needed.

Being a caregiver is a challenging and often overwhelming responsibility. If you are a caregiver of a loved one, then you know. You are juggling all their care to make sure that nothing is missed. If you’re also part of the sandwich generation then that means you are also caring for more than one generation and you may be feeling the squeeze of daily stress. One of the first things that a caregiver loses is their own sense of self. One of our goals as professional Aging Life Care Managers®, also called Geriatric Care Managers (GCMs), is to see you and your struggles and find the best way to make it easier for you to manage a plan. Often understanding all the care needs and how you’re going to tackle each one gives you mental relief and lightens the stress load. We want to support you every step of the way!

Since every family’s needs are unique, we bring our guidance, expertise, and emotional support to match your needs and the needs of your loved one to help you navigate the complexities of caregiving, with confidence. Whether it’s developing a personalized care plan, advocating for the care recipient’s rights, or simply offering a listening ear, you can count on us to provide the best guidance possible.

One of the primary ways we can support you is by providing education and resources to help you understand any chronic illnesses, mental health issues, or memory and dementia concerns. They could have one or many challenges and we are able to look at the whole situation with you and create a holistic plan that addresses the most urgent needs first, streamlines care, reduces costs, and watches for changes in their care needs. This knowledge empowers you and other involved family members to make informed decisions and advocate effectively on their behalf.

Additionally, we act as liaisons between you, your loved one, and other professionals involved in providing care, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and working towards common goals. Occasionally, families will disagree about care decisions and one key benefit from working with our team is that we are able to share what would be best for the care recipient and reassure the whole family that they are receiving the best care. This expert coordination of care helps reduce stress and confusion for caregivers, allowing you to focus on providing care and support to your loved one.

By enlisting the help of a care manager, you will know and feel confident that you have a knowledgeable ally by your side. There is no question too big or too small and we love to provide reassurance and encouragement, so you can navigate the challenges of caregiving with strength and resilience.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been managing care for a long time, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for support. We are ready to empower you with professional support and information that will help you make confident decisions.