“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” – AESOP

Whether it’s just a smile or compliment to someone you see or going out of your way to help someone in need, kindness is contagious. Good feelings get passed along and paid forward.

For hundreds of thousands of elderly people, volunteering has helped them gain a new lease on life. With retirement, many seniors find that they have a lot more time on their hands, they have less opportunities to connect with and engage in their communities and beyond, and they are overall less active. Volunteering, and other acts of service, help fill this void and provides for more enriching lives.

There is always a cause or person who could use your help.

One of the greatest things about growing old is the knowledge you amass. Have you ever considered sharing this knowledge with others? Mentoring can be an incredible opportunity to share knowledge the younger generations to help them make wise and informed decisions about their futures.

Maybe you’ve always enjoyed working with young children and can help either at a school or with a program like Big Brothers Big Sisters. Perhaps you owned a business, or you have professional knowledge you can share with others just starting out. Organizations like the SBA offer opportunities for mentorship, as do local community colleges, community centers and Chambers of Commerce.

Do you love animals? Local shelters are always in need of volunteers to help with care. There are opportunities to socialize with the shelter pets, help with filing and other administrative work, assist with walking the dogs, and so much more. Maybe you’re not physically able to go into the shelter, but you’re crafty! Homeless pets across the US can always use some extra warmth. Knitting and quilting blankets for shelter pets can be invaluable for these furry friends.

There are also programs at hospitals to be able to knit hats for babies or make blankets for children.

Is environmentalism your passion? Partnering with local organizations for clean ups and awareness campaigns is a great way to spend time saving the planet. Many of these are outdoors so you can social distance while helping.

Volunteering also doesn’t have to be a lonely fight! There are many national organizations that can help connect you with training and opportunities to volunteer.

AARP offers training and helps connect seniors looking to volunteer with opportunities in their area, both in person and virtually. AmeriCorps Seniors is also open to all individuals 55 and older, and provides incredible opportunities to give back, including opportunities to be a Foster Grandparent, a Senior Companion, or other opportunities to help non-profits and other community organizations. Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that helps build and repair housing for those who need shelter. USO provides opportunities to help with and show gratitude for veterans and active servicemen and women. Meals on Wheels is an organization devoted to preventing hunger and malnutrition for seniors across all 50 states.

Whatever your passion, there’s an opportunity out there for you to help. Many options not mentioned may be available right in your own community. Talk with friends and family, or members of your local religious institution to see how you may be able to help with their charitable functions. These organizations often have programs to help feed the hungry or help families in need. Local community centers may also have opportunities as well.

Your care manager will be happy to help you meet your social involvement needs at a level that works for you. They know the community and will make sure that the right level of involvement is available.

You’d be amazed how powerful even the smallest act of kindness can be. Spread the love today and encourage someone you know to do the same.

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