With the holidays over, my 81-year-old client, Georgia, told me during one of our visits that she was feeling ‘the winter blues.’

“I miss seeing my son and his family. It was fun to get together for Christmas, but now what? They’re always working and they may not invite me over again for months,” she said.

“Well, let’s talk about how you can banish these winter blues,” I said. “Yes, your family members work, but maybe you can invite them over for a game night on the weekend. You don’t have to wait for your son to contact you, right?”

“I suppose,” Georgia said. “I just don’t want to be a pest or anything. But they do like playing Trivial Pursuit and we had a lot of fun with that at Christmas.”

It’s a common thing for seniors to feel a let-down after the fun of being with family and friends during the busy holiday season. January comes and unless seniors have something to look forward to, the winter can seem long and grim. Given what we know about the negative physical and emotional effects of loneliness and isolation, I always talk with my clients about the importance of staying connected with family and friends and keeping their social lives full, as well as finding ways to find peace and relaxation.

“Besides planning some visits with your family, what are some other things you’d like to do?” I asked. “Any classes you’d like to try in the new year?” Georgia enjoyed adult education art classes, and had taken several at her local community college over the years.

“Well, now that you mention it, I was thinking of a yoga class for seniors. I saw an ad for it at the YMCA. They also have a beginner’s meditation class too. Can you help me sign up for these on the computer?”

“Absolutely. Yoga and meditation are really good for your body and mind,” I said.

Having something to look forward to brightened Georgia’s mood considerably. Anticipation helps us feel optimistic about life and happier in general.

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