Joanne's Story as an Aging Senior with Aging Life Care Consultants in Indiana

Joanne was severely depressed and didn’t believe there was a future waiting for her; we disagreed.

At 56-years-old, the last thing on Joanne’s mind was geriatric care management. She was a senior partner at her law firm and had at least 4 more years before retirement. She held a rigorous standard for her health, going to the gym nearly every morning before work, keeping a highly active social life on the weekends, and a strict, well-balanced diet. She worked hard for the life she had, and it all tragically fell apart the day she got in a motor vehicle accident. Joanne woke up in the hospital to terrible news; her spinal cord was severely injured, resulting in complete, permanent quadriplegia. With no children or significant other to help her, she felt like her life was over.

I was referred to Joanne by the hospital she was staying at for her initial recovery. She was severely depressed and didn’t believe there was a future waiting for her; I disagreed. I took on the role as her advocate during her stay in the hospital, making sure her needs for food, medication, and comfort were met. I attended care plan meetings with her to help her sort through options and navigate the best plan for her future. Over time, she learned that while there were going to be some major changes, she could still live her life the way she wants to and as close to her previous standards as possible. I made sure to periodically bring in her close friends to remind her she has a family to return to, and the taste of life outside of a hospital seemed to turn everything around.

I found a great assisted living placement for Joanne and her 24/7 caregivers make sure to keep her as mentally active as she was before the accident with hobbies and a social life. We developed a great friendship over this experience, and I now serve as a surrogate family member and advocate, checking in on her at least once a month and purchasing necessary items for her.

As much as we try and plan for the best possible outcomes, life has a way of throwing curve balls when we least expect it. If you or a loved one is feeling scared for the future or out of options, Aging Life Care Consultants can help you navigate your way through. For more information, please call us at (317) 300-5454 or enjoy our other client stories.

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