Martha's Story as an Aging Senior with Aging Life Care Consultants in Indiana

Together, we found the perfect solution that would support Martha’s independence while easing her family’s minds.

At 104-years-old, Martha was a force to be reckoned with. She was living independently and showed no signs of struggling to take care of herself. She even refused her family’s offer to hire a groundskeeper to take care of her 1/2 acre yard, explaining she had no problem doing it herself. Everyone was shocked when they got the call that Martha was in the hospital after suffering a stroke and were devastated for her when they learned she now had right-sided paralysis.

I met Martha when she was in a sub-acute facility on a rehab stay. She was miserable and felt trapped, insisting she was okay and beside herself when she was repeatedly told she couldn’t go back home. Her family called me because they weren’t sure how to help her and didn’t feel they knew enough to make decisions about her care. The only option they were told about for future care meant Martha would have to find a new home, and they knew that would break her heart. I knew the perfect solution that would support Martha’s independence while easing her family’s minds.

We moved Martha back home and got to work. I helped the family order and arrange the delivery of necessary durable medical equipment that supplies the same treatment Martha would receive at a nursing home. I advised on easy home modifications that would keep Martha safe and avoid unnecessary physical stress. I had a discussion with her about what she wanted daily life to look like and she conceded that there were some activities she would need assistance for, like grocery shopping or medication pickup. She used to walk to the store and back, but she didn’t know what her new limitations would be. I recommended a caregiving agency to the family so Martha could have someone scheduled to come throughout the week to assist with errands and wellness check-ups without encroaching on her average day-to-day life. Once Martha was situated in her new life, I helped the family navigate local resources to help get them qualified for a Medicaid Waiver due to limited assets. Martha made the most of her new lifestyle for another year, becoming friends with her in-home caregiver and remaining active despite her paralysis. She died peacefully in her sleep soon after celebrating her 105th birthday.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or out of options as a caregiver, Aging Life Care Consultants can guide you through the process. Our expertise helps us create unique solutions to fit the lives of each unique senior and our connection to local resources assures we’ll find the best care for your loved one tailored to fit their needs. For more information, please call us at (317) 300-5454 or enjoy our other client stories.

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