Roy and his father, Charlie are so happy to live in the same area again. After years of working overseas, Roy and his wife decided to move back home to start their family. Settling near his parents seemed like the best idea, and they’ve been enjoying catching up ever since. They get coffee almost every Saturday at the corner café, but on their way Charlie stopped to check out a new storefront next door.

“Did you see this quirky new shop?” Charlie asked his son.

“Yeah Dad, I think it’s a comic book store.”

“It’s got board games too, by the looks of it. Do you mind if we check it out?”

“Not at all,” Roy answered. “I wonder if they have the series I used to read in high school.” A bell jingled as he gave the front door a push.

The store had floor to ceiling shelves in sections filled with comic books, graphic novels, and new board games Charlie had never seen before. In the back of the shop several tables were set up where two small groups sat playing games. Frankie, the shop owner, was at the counter. They looked to be around the same age, Charlie thought as Frankie introduced himself. He explained that he created the space to encourage community game play, holding monthly card game tournaments, and even a weekly board game group where they learned a new game together. That sounded really fun to Charlie.

“I haven’t heard of half these games!”

“Game creators are really on the rise right now,” said Frankie. “There are so many instant classics being developed and released. This one’s my current favorite. The group will be trying it out on Tuesday night…you should come by!”

Roy approached the counter with a book to buy. “Sounds fun. Dad, I’d join if you do.”

The following Tuesday was Charlie’s first meeting and it was a blast. Seven people showed up and played for a couple hours, switching seats at the start of a new game so they could meet everyone. The group was a mellow and friendly bunch, of varying ages and skill levels, and the general sense of humor was right on for Charlie. He made some new friends and looked forward to the rotation of games he’d be learning and playing alongside them.

There are few things more refreshing than adding a new activity to your routine. If we follow where our interests lead then we can discover new connections and new experiences that may challenge and enrich our lives. As spring blooms around us this year, try to add a new activity, hobby, or intellectual pursuit to your week. Take a cooking class, join a local affinity group, pick up a new book to read or podcast to listen to. Join an online learning site such as Masterclass to participate in great learning opportunities. These are all great things to do to keep your brain sharp and your heart full, especially when joining in with a loved one.

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